Nathan Horne

Yesterday there were oranges on the front lawn.  Next to the purple flowers.

Today we went on a drive to see the Wellington City electrical substation buildings.  They were mainly cast green.  Architectural or not the spur gear meshing of the countershaft to output-shaft received a good work-out, as did the shooting finger, while the expedition ran deeper.  Ranger hats and lead puttees found lacking in the geometric rigidity contorted to orange polystyrene-ball terrain.  The twisting camouflaged monster gnashed its teeth as the blue chapter ring freed the ticking.  Brilliant summer sun generates cicada rhythm.  To synchronise the gearing properly a total of three trolleys and approximately 6 indigo imps were utilised.  How do we really know?

Magenta with green trims, glass block, short grass, stippled plaster, and rainbow graffiti assault the UV range.  A sniper sits humming atop the urban bunkers.  Danger is a dull background signal.  Quality was won but squandered while a white cross sinks lower.  Now there is more pink than brown there.

Now here is a flood of grey.  Thin dull metal floats on the breeze where a green back cannot perch.

The cube is now missing a side.

Yellow grass has no green static.

Tyson Schmidt

I quite liked the hum.  50hz from every substation, couldn’t tell any difference between them so it must have been pretty consistent.  I suppose that is what science does, makes everything consistent.

What produced that hum largely remains a mystery to me.  Yes, we did the research and looked at the wiring diagrams, even scoured the net for the truth surrounding substations.  Jared in his former life knew too much about electricity and tried to explain what caused it.  But I wanted to see it – and those little windows were not revealing anything of the maker within.

If this project was a Xmas card it’d be one of those musical ones which would pump out a delicate background tone of 50hz when you opened it.  As you stared at the Xmas substation with the Xmas message you’d feel slightly ripped off since there is no carol or jingle.  But like me I’m sure you’d still learn to love a 50hz hum.


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